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Eurochocolate 2018, Perugia 19/28 October 2018

Program and news


The 25th edition of the International Chocolate Festival will take place from the 19th to the 28th of October 2018. Silver as the wedding that the event celebrates this year with its historic location, Perugia, Città of Chocolate. Here, in fact, the sweet festival took its first steps on October 23, 1994, when the inaugural day of the first edition took place.

It was the year 1994 ... when the project, which twelve years before its creator Eugenio Guarducci had imagined visiting the Oktoberfest in Munich, finally became a reality. This is the year in which Nelson Mandela is elected president of South Africa, the first Playstation is launched on the market and the Channel Tunnel has been inaugurated. The world of music begins to know the Oasis, the first smartphone is launched and you start playing with Scratch Cards. Italy sees the American World Cup's dream come to an end against Brazil and in many, a few months later, bitterness will win for the football result, drowning its disappointment in the pleasure of chocolate that in Perugia, from that fateful October 23rd, is declined in all its nuances.

agriturismo perugia la querciaia mercatino di pasqua cioccolata

Recalling the chapters of its gluttonous history, Eurochocolate 2018 wants to relive them through the most significant initiatives, attractions and characters.

"We will retrace the steps that have made this event famous, thanks to the participation of some of the protagonists, national and international, of the chocolate world that have passed in these years for Perugia. 25 years of history are an important goal, but certainly we will not be imprisoned by nostalgia of memories ", underlines the President, Eugenio Guarducci. It will be an edition with tight rhythms, therefore, to remember the kilometers traveled since the year 1994 and imagine those that will be done again.

"The first editions of Eurochocolate - continues Guarducci - were characterized by an event that remained indelible in the memory of many fans and who made school in the chocolate world: Cioccolatomania. A guided tasting course, led by the most important national and international chocolate protagonists and by young talents who then became real chocostar. We will propose this appointment again through some testimonies during the next edition. "

In this regard, they have already guaranteed their presence in Perugia, from 19 to 28 October 2018, the artisan of Turin chocolate Guido Gobino, master in combining tradition and innovation in the creation of new products, but also Andrea Slitti who, starting from the small roasting family in Monsummano, in Tuscany, has become one of the most important artisan chocolatiers in the world. We could not miss Pierpaolo Ruta, sixth generation of the Bonajuto family and ambassador in the chocolate world of Modica. For this occasion, Enric Rovira will return to Eurochocolate, a whimsical Catalan chocolatier, master of creativity and artist of a very refined chocolate design, Gianluca Franzoni, President and founder of Domori, who has dedicated his life to the search for lost cocoa among the plantations of South America and Cecilia Tessieri, founder of Amedei and first woman to play the role of maître chocolatier in the world.

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The meetings, reserved for a maximum of 50 participants, will be held at 6.00 pm at the G.Alessi Chamber of Commerce, in via Mazzini 20, in the historic center of Perugia, the heart of the event. Participation is free, upon reservation through the online form available at the following address:

In addition, all the participants in the activities scheduled every day at the G. Alessi Chamber of Commerce - ready to host a pastry show and tastings - will receive a complimentary selection of products from the partner companies of the Tipicittà project, promoted by the Municipality of Perugia for the valorisation of typical local food and wine products and financed by the Rural Development Program for Umbria.

The main attraction of the year, on the stage of the evocative Piazza IV Novembre, will be the maxi box of chocolates of 4 meters, containing 25 assorted treats of real chocolate. An original installation wanted to remind you that Eurochocolate is like a box of chocolates, you never know what happens to you! In the ten days of the event, thanks to a fun game and delicious tastings, you can in fact retrace the main and surprising attractions that have made the history of the event.

And as for any self-respecting birthday, there will be a full-blown party. In fact, the special event entirely dedicated to the greediest anniversary of the year is scheduled for October 23, 2018. For the occasion, all those who will celebrate the 25th anniversary are invited as of now to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To them will be dedicated the special chocolate cake maxi still top secret and, together, we will extinguish the 25 candles.

Dedicated instead to all couples who in 2018 cut the milestone of the quarter-century marriage, With the chocolate we go to the wedding is the appointment designed to celebrate the bonds that endure over time, like that of Eurochocolate for the Food of the Gods. A happy and lasting marriage that the International Chocolate Festival will celebrate with a special greeting to the couples present.

Among the new ideas that will characterize the 2018 edition also Sweet Moments, unmissable secret events that will take place during the ten days of the event. Varied art exhibitions that will come to life when and where less the public expects it. Announcing a message conveyed on the social platforms of the Festival that will anticipate little of the development.

Also on show are the evocative shots by Simone Casetta, historical official photographer of the kermesse, who has accompanied the history of Eurochocolate with a keen eye even in its many national and international trips. An exclusive exhibition will retrace the most spectacular and curious moments, indelibly impressed in the historical memory of the organizers and the faithful.

Unmissable is the traditional appointment with the Chocolate Sculptures, scheduled for Sunday, October 21st, which will be held in the classic positions of Corso Vannucci, Piazza IV Novembre and Piazza Matteotti. How is it possible that four large blocks of chocolate of 11 quintals each can turn into fantastic and delightful works of art? To find out, the appointment is with the spectacular live performance of the Chocolate Sculptors: the streets of the historic center will be transformed into a real art gallery where the works will be realized and ... taste! A special theme for a special edition: who will succeed in making the most beautiful Eurochocolate birthday cake?

eurochocolate eventi

Like every year, Eurochocolate will meet the main chocolate companies, renewing the desire to tell and make chocolate taste to all fans through greedy sorytelling and full immersion theme.

Lindt celebrates 25 years of Eurochocolate bringing on stage the Mini Pralines, half the size of the classic pralines, but equally irresistible, created by the Maîtres Chocolatiers to be tasted at any time, as you want and with whomever you want. The Lindt District awaits you in Piazza della Repubblica, where the goodness of Lindt chocolate will accompany you on a fascinating journey with lots of surprises to be discovered to make you live Mini moments of pleasure.

ICAM returns to Eurochocolate with the excellence of its products, the result of a great passion that the Agostoni family has handed down since 1946, making itself the interpreter of an authentic Made in Italy chocolate culture. Passion, creativity, cutting-edge technology and attention to market trends, represent the soul of the company, in particular the Vanini brand, synonymous with high quality ICAM.

Pernigotti, always synonymous with passion for excellent chocolate, attention to quality and innovation, will offer the Eurochocolate public the engaging and soft embrace of its four tasty spreads, inspired by the all-Italian tradition of the iconic Pernigotti pralines and excellence of their raw materials. Visitors can also delight themselves with multiple taste experiences among Pralines, Tablets, Snacks, all declined in classic and dark versions.
With Eraclea the doors of the magnificent world of Italian hot chocolate are opened. From the most traditional tastes to the most original combinations, among the 24 unique flavors of Antica Cioccolateria there are proposals for everyone. And the inimitable variety is celebrated for the birthday of Eurochocolate with two new flavors, in launch at the 25th edition: Chocolate Latte and Caramel Savory and Dark Chocolate Zenzero and Limone. Moreover, for this special birthday, wait for all the gluttonous visitors an interactive activity with gadgets, "The winning taste", which will give way to fun challenges between friends and relatives.

With over 190 years of history, Caffarel is today synonymous with craftsmanship and designer chocolate. The pride of its production is the Gianduiotto, invented by Caffarel in 1865: a perfect combination of the best chocolate and the fine Piedmont IGP hazelnuts. This year's focus will be on the "Piemonte" line, the intensity of the perfume, the taste of chocolate gianduia, the crunchiness of whole hazelnuts. The Turin culture of chocolate, the Italian excellence of taste.

Like every year, the Chocoday will be celebrated on October 12th to anticipate the event. Established in 2005 and promoted by Eurochocolate, the National Day dedicated to the Food of the Gods has the aim of celebrating quality chocolate in Italy and in the world.

The usual appointment with Eurochocolate World, the special section dedicated to the cocoa producing countries, historically sponsored by ICCO, International Cocoa Organization and Fairtrade Italia, also returns. An important opportunity to discover the culture and traditions of the nations involved, including through the consolidated International Summit, cocoa tastings and recreational-educational activities reserved for children. The Summit will be held on Wednesday 24 October at the Salone d'Onore of Palazzo Donini and will bring to the public's attention the most current issues related to the sustainability of the cocoa and chocolate supply chain.

Like every year, chocolovers can immerse themselves in the Chocolate Show, the largest chocolate emporium with over 6 thousand product references, proposed by more than one hundred signatures of confectionery, artisanal and industrial, Italian and international.

Do not miss the ChocoCard, the exclusive Eurochocolate service card that entitles you to special gifts and discounts during the event, for the purchase of products on the Chocolate Show stands, as well as in hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and other affiliated facilities, and which allows you to take part in the competition with up to grabs hundreds of fantastic prizes, starting from the most popular car. The official gadget of the 2018 edition is also available free of charge with the ChocoCard: an original backpack and the 25-year-old celebratory tablet signed by Costruttori di Dolcezze.

Costruttori di Dolcezze, the undisputed leading brand in Italy of fun chocolate, also dedicates to the 25-year edition some original and very nice news: Cioccolatondo, the new exhibition concept designed to enhance the value and commercialization of artisanal chocolate and the new products of the Choco line BBQ or the delicious and unique BISTECCA, SPIGOLOSO and BURGERCIOK.

Many presences and initiatives designed to involve the people of gluttons, under the banner of overwhelming creativity that has characterized Eurochocolate for 25 years.

Unfailing is the presence of Ricola, with its inimitable Swiss candies with 13 herbs and its beneficial teas. It will be Mr Ricola, the company's friendly mascot, to let all Herb-Caramel visitors discover, the delicious and unique candy for its perfect and balanced taste mix. For those who want to get involved, the Ricola challenge begins, "Gira con Gusto", which for the birthday of Eurochocolate is giving away very rich gadgets.

Loacker returns to Eurochocolate with its new line of chocolate "elected product of the year 2018". A unique goodness born from the Loacker experience with a heart of fragrant cialdina that contains small moments of unique goodness. "Guess what is the good soul of Loacker chocolate" will be the most delicious game of the festival!

Grifo Latte will be the official supplier of milk and cream used in the event and will sign, in the name of quality, some events dedicated to children.

Mondo Convenienza confirms its presence at Eurochocolate, involving the public in entertaining animation and entertainment activities, distributing thousands of free gifts.

Those who want to enjoy sweet pampering with chocolate flavor can, during the event, book their wellness treatment at the inevitable Choco Farm, signed by the beauty center Il Primosole. Main sponsor of the events dedicated to wellness, Terme di Chianciano is confirmed.

The news does not end here. The University for Foreigners of Perugia and the Florida International University of Miami, as part of the COIL project, have in fact created the contest "The chocolate speaks Italian: Perugia-Miami for the 25th" to celebrate the birthday of Eurochocolate. Foreign students who study Italian in universities, high schools and middle schools in Florida will take part in the competition and will have to create unpublished videos, photos and images to celebrate chocolate and the Festival that represents it.

The Chocolate program with the Author is also full of surprises. This year, among other things, it brings Susanna Tamaro to Perugia and her very popular Và where she brings her heart, published just in 1994.

Great preparations for the twenty-fifth edition of Eurochocolate. We are waiting for you to celebrate a whole silver birthday together!

agriturismo perugia la querciaia mercatino di pasqua cioccolata

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